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Vegan food & lifestyle coaching and courses

Transitioning to vegan and whole food plant-based diets can with a little support and guidance, be fun, easy and delicious.

Whether you are looking to make changes for your health, the animals or the planet, incorporating plant-based food into your diet can help all three. I can teach you about the many benefits of a plant-based diet, show you how to tweak your family favourites and explore new family-friendly and celebratory meal ideas. I'll even teach you how to shop for, cook and bake vegan food in a way that suits your budget, lifestyle and tastes.


I have been fully vegan since 2013 and am now a fully certified vegan lifestyle coach and educator.


I also hold a certificate in Plant-based Nutrition from e-Cornell University.


We will discuss the foods you enjoy and the changes you wish to make and I will provide practical advice and support tailored to your individual lifestyle, budget and time. You will learn how little tweaks to your favourite meals can make them vegan-friendly and how healthy swaps can help you reduce and even avoid refined oils, sugar and flour.


Vegan food can be every bit as delicious and celebratory as the foods you and your family enjoy now and I can show you the way. 


1:1 Vegan Coaching (in person or online):

  • 1hour consultation

  • Follow up email support

  • Cost: £50 for phone and video consultations, £60 face-to-face (local only) 

21 day personalised transition plan: £280

- I will ask you to write a 5 day food diary in advance to evaluate your current eating habits and the food you enjoy

- A written report and plan of action to help you achieve your goals

- Personalised 21 day menu plan 

- 4 hours of consultations (in person and/or online). This can include cooking a few dishes together from your plan 

- Bi-weekly email and once a week telephone support 

- Plenty of recipes for every occasion, from packed lunches to parties and festive holiday celebrations 

- Links to further resources and information about the health, ethical and environmental benefits of following a vegan and plant based diet.

Day courses 

Ditching Dairy

Addicted to dairy? You're not alone! Here you will learn the physiological reasons behind our addiction to dairy, and how ditching it can help animals, heal our bodies and our planet. You will also learn how to make cheesy & creamy sauces, rich curries and satisfying soups using a variety of different ingredients, including cashew nuts, tofu, coconut milk and nutritional yeast (nooch).


Course duration: 4 hrs. Individual: £160. Group: £80 each, max 4 people.


Includes lunch, take home recipes, course material, tips for veganising your current dairy favourites and a personalised follow up email.


An introduction to Bread Baking (a hands on course!)

There is nothing more satisfying than the smell and taste of home-baked bread. And here you can learn how to bake delicious bread, pizza and fougasse using three different ways: by hand, machine & the slow-rise no-knead method.


Course duration: 4 hrs. Individual: £135. Group: £70 each, max 4 people.


Includes a light lunch and you'll take home your freshly baked bread and plenty of recipes.

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